Cleaning Routine

I tried to complete Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge in April, but slacked off after two weeks.  I think part of the struggle for me is that it was hard to want to “deep clean bathrooms” or “clean out refrigerator” after work.  The tasks that were surface cleaning or vacuuming were easy to do after a full day of teaching, but some of the others were a bit daunting at the end of the day.  Plus, it is finally golf season and there is time to play 9 holes after work before darkness sets in!

I know that I need to have a plan for keeping the house clean, and I think I may have figured it out… I took the 31 Day House Cleaning Routine from Fresh and Organized (lots of great ideas on this blog!!) and adapted it to work for me. Instead of a 31 Day Check List, I set my chart up for the days of the week.  I scheduled the “easier” tasks Monday-Friday and the “harder” tasks on either Saturday or Sunday.  The tasks for Monday through Friday will be done every week; however, the tasks for Saturday and Sunday are once-a-month tasks.  For example, on the first Saturday of the month I am going to clean all interior windows. The second Saturday of the month will be deep-cleaning the living room and den.

I think that this schedule will work better for me — only time will tell…

Cleaning Schedule PDF: Cleaning Schedule


30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Days 12-14


I have to admit that I have been slacking on the 30-Day Cleaning Challenge.  Life, work, family, and golf have gotten in the way the past few days… The tasks that I need to complete are:

Day 12: Clean out Closets

Day 13: Surface Clean Extra Rooms

Day 14: Deep Clean Bedrooms

Once I am caught up and back on track, I will post pictures and updates.

30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 11


The cleaning task for Day 11 was to clean the bathrooms. This task was pretty easy since both Jarrett and I have been making a conscious effort to keep the house tidy.  Here are the before pictures:


Upstairs Bathroom: BeforeImage

The After Pictures:


Upstairs Bathroom: After


Upstairs Bathroom: After 2

I also cleaned the downstairs powder room, but the “before” and “after” pictures aren’t too different from each other.

30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 10

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge from Money Saving Mom

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge from Money Saving Mom

The task of the day was to “Deep-Clean the Living Room.” Well, since I did a deep cleaning last week, today was more of a surface cleaning.  If you compare the before and after pictures, you really can’t tell a difference (that’s my way of saying no pictures today 😉). I dusted the surfaces, the artwork, and baseboards. I also “Febreezed” the sofa and cloth chair (Febreeze and leather don’t mix well together).

The living room is nice and clean! I think it’s time to either go play golf or do a workout DVD! 😄⛳

Update: Golf won out over the workout DVD! Best part of the round: spending time w/ Jarrett and getting a par on the hardest hole on the course!

30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 9

Today’s task in the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge from Money Saving Mom was to surface clean bedrooms.  Since we have a 2-bedroom house and one room is our office, I only had the master bedroom to tackle.  While I was on Spring Break last week, I did a thorough cleaning of our bedroom.  This meant that today’s task was pretty easy.

Before 20 Minutes of Cleaning:


Master Bedroom – Before

The main task today was to put away the 2 baskets of laundry and run a duster over the dressers, nightstands, and headboard.  In addition, I also dusted the baseboards and cleaned the mirror above my dresser.

After 20 Minutes of Cleaning:


Master Bedroom – After

As a result of participating in this 30-Day Cleaning Challenge, I am finding that it is more calm in our house without the clutter and waiting until the weekend to do a “big clean.”  I am making a conscious effort to tackle a chore – like doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen – immediately, instead of delaying it like I had been doing.  By keeping the house cleaner and organized, I am more relaxed and not haunted by the constant feeling of “I need to do …”

30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 8

Today’s task from Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day Cleaning Challenge was to vacuum and sweep floors – a pretty easy task for a Monday. Since I vacuumed upstairs a couple days ago, I focused on the first floor and the stairs. As a bonus task, I even dusted the picture ledge that runs along the top of the staircase. (I had to have help from Jarrett to reach the part that was about of my reach! 😉)

Vacuumed Stairs

Vacuumed Stairs

30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 7

Today’s cleaning task was to clean all interior windows. I was very glad that we don’t have a lot of windows in our house!


Living Room Windows – Before and After Cleaning

The window on the left is the “before” shot and the right one is the “after.” I know that there is still some dirt on the exterior of the windows, but that is a project for another day…

I wonder how long it will take Murphy to get kitty nose prints on the clean windows… 😉