30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Days 12-14


I have to admit that I have been slacking on the 30-Day Cleaning Challenge.  Life, work, family, and golf have gotten in the way the past few days… The tasks that I need to complete are:

Day 12: Clean out Closets

Day 13: Surface Clean Extra Rooms

Day 14: Deep Clean Bedrooms

Once I am caught up and back on track, I will post pictures and updates.


30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 11


The cleaning task for Day 11 was to clean the bathrooms. This task was pretty easy since both Jarrett and I have been making a conscious effort to keep the house tidy.  Here are the before pictures:


Upstairs Bathroom: BeforeImage

The After Pictures:


Upstairs Bathroom: After


Upstairs Bathroom: After 2

I also cleaned the downstairs powder room, but the “before” and “after” pictures aren’t too different from each other.