30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 9

Today’s task in the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge from Money Saving Mom was to surface clean bedrooms.  Since we have a 2-bedroom house and one room is our office, I only had the master bedroom to tackle.  While I was on Spring Break last week, I did a thorough cleaning of our bedroom.  This meant that today’s task was pretty easy.

Before 20 Minutes of Cleaning:


Master Bedroom – Before

The main task today was to put away the 2 baskets of laundry and run a duster over the dressers, nightstands, and headboard.  In addition, I also dusted the baseboards and cleaned the mirror above my dresser.

After 20 Minutes of Cleaning:


Master Bedroom – After

As a result of participating in this 30-Day Cleaning Challenge, I am finding that it is more calm in our house without the clutter and waiting until the weekend to do a “big clean.”  I am making a conscious effort to tackle a chore – like doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen – immediately, instead of delaying it like I had been doing.  By keeping the house cleaner and organized, I am more relaxed and not haunted by the constant feeling of “I need to do …”


30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 8

Today’s task from Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day Cleaning Challenge was to vacuum and sweep floors – a pretty easy task for a Monday. Since I vacuumed upstairs a couple days ago, I focused on the first floor and the stairs. As a bonus task, I even dusted the picture ledge that runs along the top of the staircase. (I had to have help from Jarrett to reach the part that was about of my reach! 😉)

Vacuumed Stairs

Vacuumed Stairs

30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 7

Today’s cleaning task was to clean all interior windows. I was very glad that we don’t have a lot of windows in our house!


Living Room Windows – Before and After Cleaning

The window on the left is the “before” shot and the right one is the “after.” I know that there is still some dirt on the exterior of the windows, but that is a project for another day…

I wonder how long it will take Murphy to get kitty nose prints on the clean windows… 😉

30 Day Cleaning Challenge – Day 6

I decided to join Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge since I was on Spring Break this week and had time to dive into it.  Today’s project was to clean the bathrooms.  Since I had just cleaned them on Day 2, both bathrooms were pretty clean (my husband and I are not very messy people).  Today was pretty easy – just wiping down surfaces and mirrors.  Although I had scrubbed my tub, I couldn’t get it 100% sparkling clean – much to my annoyance.

I had seen the “miracle” shower concoction of Dawn and white vinegar, and decided to give it a try. Basically, you mix equal parts Dawn and white vinegar and spray down your shower/tub.  After you spray, you let it sit for at least a half hour before you wipe down your tub.

Here’s the before picture:


Bathtub – Before Dawn & Vinegar Treatment

After spraying the tub with the Dawn & Vinegar Mixture

Bathtub with Dawn & Vinegar Treatment

Bathtub with Dawn & Vinegar Treatment

The Final Result

Sparkling Clean Bathtub

Sparkling Clean Bathtub

I was very impressed with the results! This concoction worked even better than the bleach-based cleaner I had used 4 days ago. Plus, it didn’t smell nearly as horrible (I loathe the smell of bleach, but I do like the disinfectant properties…)!  I will definitely keep the “Dawn & White Vinegar” spray in my cleaning arsenal!


Second Attempt at Blogging

I’ve decided to give blogging another try.  I started a blog last year (http://adventuresmishapssuccesses.wordpress.com), but quickly neglected it.  I think I lost interest because I hadn’t found my blogging voice yet. I have decided that this blog is going to be about sharing the things that drive me and help me live a full life.

What will you find on this blog?

I am passionate about food and cooking, which means you’ll find yummy recipes and links on this site.

I am also fortunate to have a career that I love and that inspires me every day – I am a teacher.  I’ll post my successes and mishaps in the classroom, as well as, links and reflections on education in general.

My husband and I both like to do projects around our house and on our patio (one day we’ll have a yard!!).  Some of our projects are inspired by Pinterest and others we come up with on our own.  I’ll share our results and ideas in this section.

The final aspect of living a full life for me is fitness.  I strive to be active and will share my insights and inspiration to be fit.