30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 9

Today’s task in the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge from Money Saving Mom was to surface clean bedrooms.  Since we have a 2-bedroom house and one room is our office, I only had the master bedroom to tackle.  While I was on Spring Break last week, I did a thorough cleaning of our bedroom.  This meant that today’s task was pretty easy.

Before 20 Minutes of Cleaning:


Master Bedroom – Before

The main task today was to put away the 2 baskets of laundry and run a duster over the dressers, nightstands, and headboard.  In addition, I also dusted the baseboards and cleaned the mirror above my dresser.

After 20 Minutes of Cleaning:


Master Bedroom – After

As a result of participating in this 30-Day Cleaning Challenge, I am finding that it is more calm in our house without the clutter and waiting until the weekend to do a “big clean.”  I am making a conscious effort to tackle a chore – like doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen – immediately, instead of delaying it like I had been doing.  By keeping the house cleaner and organized, I am more relaxed and not haunted by the constant feeling of “I need to do …”

4 thoughts on “30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Day 9

  1. I am defiantly feeling calmer with these challenges too! This past weekend felt A LOT better in my home than usual! I like your page theme (chalkboard) — I am using the same one 🙂

  2. I’ve been very hit-and-miss with some of the challenges this past week, but the last two days I’ve made a concerted effort to play catch-up. My bedroom was a real mess, but cleaning it makes it look twice as big! I keep walking into my kitchen and thinking “something’s different”–it’s because it’s staying clean!

    • I had to play catch up the first few days, but it was fairly easy to get caught up since I was on Spring Break! I’m really enjoying having a clean house and I agree that rooms look bigger when they’re clean and clutter-free!

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