30 Day Cleaning Challenge – Day 6

I decided to join Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge since I was on Spring Break this week and had time to dive into it.  Today’s project was to clean the bathrooms.  Since I had just cleaned them on Day 2, both bathrooms were pretty clean (my husband and I are not very messy people).  Today was pretty easy – just wiping down surfaces and mirrors.  Although I had scrubbed my tub, I couldn’t get it 100% sparkling clean – much to my annoyance.

I had seen the “miracle” shower concoction of Dawn and white vinegar, and decided to give it a try. Basically, you mix equal parts Dawn and white vinegar and spray down your shower/tub.  After you spray, you let it sit for at least a half hour before you wipe down your tub.

Here’s the before picture:


Bathtub – Before Dawn & Vinegar Treatment

After spraying the tub with the Dawn & Vinegar Mixture

Bathtub with Dawn & Vinegar Treatment

Bathtub with Dawn & Vinegar Treatment

The Final Result

Sparkling Clean Bathtub

Sparkling Clean Bathtub

I was very impressed with the results! This concoction worked even better than the bleach-based cleaner I had used 4 days ago. Plus, it didn’t smell nearly as horrible (I loathe the smell of bleach, but I do like the disinfectant properties…)!  I will definitely keep the “Dawn & White Vinegar” spray in my cleaning arsenal!


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